Standard Disclaimer

Wicked Transfers, LLC stands behind its product, however because all orders are custom we do not accept returns on any products that were printed to specification. We cannot be held responsible for issues involving customer supplied artwork, nor can we be held responsible for any 3rd party losses. All artwork will be printed as is.
You are responsible for making sure your order is to the correct specifications including, but not limited to garment sizes, garment colors, specified print size, and locations, artwork quality, and shipping addresses.

Printing Errors

If you notice an error in printing please contact us for review via email ( with the following:
A photo of each garment or print in question
A detailed statement as to the reason for your requests
The specifications of your original order-fulfillment
Not the specified art, placement, or size in the original quote requests
Incorrect sizes or colors not originally specified
The order in its entirety needs to be returned to Wicked Transfers, LLC.
If we find the product to be not to the original specifications of the order, or there was a printing error on our behalf, Wicked Transfers, LLC will provide the appropriate shipping labels to return the product in question. Once we have received the items, and only then, the appropriate credit will be issued. All product(s) in question MUST be returned to receive a credit.

Damaged Goods

If your shipment arrives damaged please contact us for review via email ( with the following:
A photo showing the condition of the packaging.
A photo of each item damaged.
While we can’t control what happens to the package after it leaves our location, we will replace the damaged goods and take the issue up with the carrier.